Helium Gas (Hire & Buy)

We sell The Small Disposable Helium Gas Canisters…

…They will blow up 30 or 50 x 9 inch Balloons.

Or for the Bigger Jobs we do Helium Hire –

 3 Sizes available

L – T – V

The Helium can be delivered & Pick up Before & After Your Event!

Great For…Instore Promotions,Car Showrooms,Night Clubs & Restaurants!

Please Note –

1.Order Your Helium  3 Days Before Your Event.

2. If you Are Collecting The Bottles

* Please Note * These are Very Heavy

*(See Bottle Chart for Total Weight of The Bottle)

3. Cylinder Nozzles Are £5-00 Per Month to Rent!

4. Bottles not returned within the Month will incur a charge of £9.00 *Per Bottle Per month.

All Bottles to be Returned to Our Beverley Road Shop!

Telephone (01482) 442083 – 228979

Helium Gas Bottle Hire!

We can Deliver In The Hull Area or You Can Pick up From the Nearest Depot in Your Area!

* L- T- V Size Bottles Only


For Smaller Parties…We Sell These Disposable Helium Tanks.

Disposable Helium Bottles Are Available To Pick up From Our Shop.

2 Bottle Sizes Available.

Small Blows 30 x 9 Inch Balloons

Large Blows  50 x 9 Balloons.



For Do It Yourself Balloon Kits

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