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Helium Gas Hire!


Are Looking To Blow Your Own Balloons?


We sell the Helium Gas!


We have 3 Bottle Sizes Available!


Our Prices are Very Competitive!


Pick up the Bottle From the Depot or Have it Delivered Direct to You.

helium gas hull


*Helium Chart!

Check the chart below to see Your Balloons to Gas ratio!


Bottle Sizes 

L - Large - 560 - 11 Inch

T - Med - 225 - 11 Inch 

V - Small  - 110 - 11 Inch

Call For Bottle Prices!!!

01482 442083 - 228979 


If you Have Your Own Balloons...

We can blow up your Balloons for You! 


Weather it's 1 Balloon or A Few Thousand.


We offer a Blowing Up Service, Our Prices are Below!!!


All Your Balloons will come with ribbons and Hi Float.

We can Deliver on the Day to Your Event or You can pick up Your Balloons from our Shops.

*Delivery Charges Apply.


We also Sell...


Balloon Curling Ribbons.

Balloon Tickets. 

Cups & Sticks.

Balloon Nets.



Hullaballoon (01482) 442083 or 228979


* Collections from the Gas depot.

* Monday To Fridays

9am to 4pm

Pre Booked!